Fully Funded Solar PV

Caber Energy have invested in a number of their own wind and solar PV projects.

Does your business have a high electricity demand (especially during the spring and summer months) and do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy lower energy bills for 25 years without incurring any up front investment cost then why not partner with us?

We work with farmers, factories, commercial landlords, Public Authorities etc. to provide you  with an alternative zero cost model for going green.  In exchange for a lease over the airspace of your roof or of land adjacent to your premises, Caber Energy will provide 100% funding to own and operate a suitably sized solar PV scheme and will offer your business discounted electricity through a long term (minimum 10 year) Power Purchase Agreement.

This partnership can bring huge benefits to businesses and typically results in electricity savings of approx 25% on your existing tariffs as well as reductions in standing charges etc.  It can also provide significant carbon emissions reductions for your business – putting it on a more sustainable path for the future.

Interested in discussing a potential partnership with us?